The My Life Books Collection is about your story. It’s about recording and remembering all those moments in your life that you want to remember but always forget. Imagine having a book that begins the day you were born. Everyone wants a way to share their lives and discover the lives of those close to them - so collect your memories and pass them on.

Write your personal history in a series of books by recording and organizing your life according to event or theme. Just answer 6 essential questions in the same, simple, 2 page format, add a photo…and you’re done!

My Life Books are the perfect gifts for every occasion whether it’s for a newborn, a birthday, New Years, or when going on a trip. It’s never too late to start collecting.

“Another party gift? I am tired of giving people a bottle of wine, a scented candle, or a useless toy. Finally a gift that lasts, makes sense, and that I can give at any occasion and to any age.”

Thomas, 31

“We were brainstorming about my daughter’s 16th birthday party and when she asked me what I did for my 16th, I couldn’t remember. When I called my mother to ask her what we did, I realized that she was talking about my sister’s 16th birthday, not mine!”

Katja, 46

“I was so proud when my best friend asked me to be her newborn’s godmother. What gift could I get her daughter that would be special? A silver spoon, a blanket, a toy? When I discovered My Birthday Book, I knew that was a gift that would be treasured for her whole life.”

Annette, 36

“When my parents passed away I had an attic full of letters, photos, and documents to sort through. Sifting through their lives, I was overwhelmed, I wished that I had something that chronicled the important moments in my parents' lives spanning 80 years; a book that I could share with my family and friends.”

Matt, 54

“I started filling out My Birthday Book when I was 10 and it’s already really fun to look back at my birthdays with my friends and remember what I did.”

Luis, 12

“My friend Charlie called me to ask me where to stay when he goes to Vietnam this summer and I wanted to recommend this amazing bed and breakfast in Saigon and the noodle shop in Natrang, but I couldn’t remember the names and couldn’t find my notes.”

Tanya, 28

"We were throwing a New Years party and someone asked me what I did for New Years the year before. I can’t remember what I did for New Years when I was 20, or 35, let alone last year. Wouldn’t it be great to have all my New Years in one place, the good, the bad, and the ugly?”

Jana, 45



My Birthday Book

Collect all of your birthdays in one book. How did you celebrate your birthday when you were 5, 16, or 50? Answer the 6 questions by hand, add a picture and put the book back on the shelf until next year (or the next day, when you want to show it to your friends).


My Travel Book

Record your trips in a simple and accessible way: 6 questions, one photo per trip. Easy, right? Now you can remember the name of the amazing hotel with the waterbed…and recommend it to your friends.


My Friend Book

Do you remember the first time you and your friend biked to the corner store alone? What about when you got matching haircuts? What was the name of the boy you had a crush on in 4th grade, and in 10th? All your friends, all your memories, in one place: 2 pages, 6 questions, and 1 photo at a time.


My New Years Book

Remember New Years?  Some new years' parties you want to remember, some you want to forget.  Remember all the resolutions and wishes you made?  Now you won't forget.  New Years comes once a year and you only have to fill out 2 pages and add a picture each time you celebrate.  Cheers - Besides, it's the perfect gift to bring to your next new years party!